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For those who with ideas for using SAiNT data beyond the map embedding option, SAiNT offers a second way to access the database. You can access the stored data directly with your project via a REST API. In this way, you can also implement completely different projects that go far beyond mere map embedding.
Access style
Applicable to
specific projects
free after registration
Direct data bank access
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Process outline

  1. Log in (see 1.)
  2. Note down the API and project key
  3. Call up the API documentation
  4. Implement and test your project idea

Detailed process steps

Login / Registration

  1. Log in at or register an account (Account must be manually unlocked by SAiNT team)

Note down the API key

  1. Select "Teams" from the dashboard view
  2. Click on the appropriate team
  3. Copy and save the value in the "API key" field
  4. Select "Map Projects" from the dashboard view
  5. Click on your project, or create a new one
  6. Copy and save the value in the "Project key" field

Call up the API documentation

The API documentation explains all the functions of the REST API. You can use this as a basis for implementing your project idea in conjunction with the API and project key. The documentation page has its own API and project key. The API key is already preset, you can activate the project key by clicking the "Authorize" button.
When using the API, please note in particular point 5 of our Terms of Service.
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